Dienstag, 22. Dezember 2015

From Mr.Marinus Heeren

Dear Sir,

I hope you still need your fund.

Best Regards,

Mr.Marinus Heeren
Officer in Charge
Union Monitory Unit
for Europe European and Africa.
Avenue Terrassons de Fougères,
Immeuble Union européenne
01 BP 1821 Abidjan 01
Tel :( 00225) 75 90 03 84.



Dear Sir,

We are happy to inform you today that every arrangements for the release of your fund to your account has been putting in place and your fund transfer will take place on Tuesday next week been 15th December 2015.

Please kindly re – confirm your bank account details to this office immediately you read this email to avoid us making mistake during the transfer period.

The transfer charges fee is only €1500 Euros, I will help you pay this money but I will take 50% of the total amount, If you accept please kindly send to me your bank account details to enable me complete the transfer to your account.

Thank you so much for your email which the contents were
well noted correctly, I will advise you to visit our head
office in Spain to enable you conclude the transfer of your
fund €7.5 Million Euros to your account your self so that
you will witness this transaction.

I wait for your prompt response to enable me give the
European Union office in Spain.

Captain Marinus Heeren
Officer in Charge
Union Monitory Unit
for Europe European and Africa.
Avenue Terrassons de Fougères, 
Immeuble Union européenne
01 BP 1821 Abidjan 01.
Telephone 0022575 900 384.

Dear Sir, 

I hope you received my last email.

We can still do the transfer to your account through our paying bank here in this country and it will cost you only €1500 Euros.

Let me know what you thing and if we transfer this money to your account through our affiliâtes bank in Spain you are going to pay a lot of charges which will cost you close to €150 000 Euros I am sure of what I am telling you because I have witnessed the same problem last two years in this office.

Thanks for your humble understanding and we hope to hear from you soon

Below are the Bank full contacts.


Bank Address: Calle Antonio de Leyva, 76-78, 28019 Madrid

Tel/Fax: +34-602-869-414.

Bank web site: www.lacaixa.es

Email: bancolacredito@mail.com

Contact Person: Mr. William Carlos Gomez

Director Foreign transfer Operation

Thanks for your kind understanding and I hope to hear from you soon.Thank you so much for your prompt response; note that you are the one delaying this transaction up till this moment.

We received a telex report from Mr.William Carlos Gomez the Director Foreign transfer Operation BANCO CREDITO LA CAIXA. That due to lack of fund in there bank at the moment the can not complete the wire transfer of €7.5 Million Euros to your account.

Regards to our board meeting we had yesterday concerning the release of your fund to you as the rightful beneficiary, we all agreed that you are going to receive your fund €7.5 Million Euros through Visa card which is the easiest way of receiving money in the world now.

You are here by advised to send me immediately your following information’s below.

1. Your full names.

2. Your address.

3. Your mobile number.

Finally once we receive the above information’s from you we will immediately program your Visa card with the total amount €7.5 Million Euros inside your Visa card, once this is done we will immediately send your Visa card to your address in Germany.

We wait on your urgent response, as we are prepared to conclude your transaction before the Christmas holiday ends.

Thanks for your kind understanding and we hope to hear from you soon to enable us proceed ahead for the conclusion of this transaction.

Attention: Dear Mr. {Walther Behnisch}
Transfer notification to your favor
With reference to our new schedule after our board of directors meeting today in regard of your funds transfer, the above captioned after the finalization, which we are to update you for the recent development as regards of your funds transfer to your preferable bank account through bank to bank wire transfer.

The New development is aftermath of the recent schedule of our governing board' that came up after a universal agreement on your funds transfer on high magnitude.
The latest development has been made today to complete this transfer through our corresponding bank “BARCLAYS BANK PLC” – United Kingdom.

Be advice to reach our corresponding bank in London “United Kingdom” with their following details as follow:

Name of Bank: BARCLAYS BANK PLC – United Kingdom
E-mail: bankbarrclaysbank@accountant.com
: www.barclays.co.uk
Director Name: Mr. Thomas Glasgow,
Director TEL /+44 75 17 31 14 78.

Kindly update us once you contacted our corresponding bank “BARCLAYS BANK PLC” – United Kingdom for final transfer of your funds to your preferable designated bank account.

Yours faithfully,
Executive Director Foreign Operation/Remittance/Dept,
Dr. Jean PIERRE COTI, “Chief Operating officer”
Banque Atlantique Cote D'Ivoire
04 B.P.1036 Abidjan 04-ric
Email: bceao.financier@financier.com
Tel/fax:00 (225) 22501517.
Director Tel/00(225) 603-901-42.


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